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About me

My name is Jonathan Speek and I’m currently a Staff Product Manager at Fastly focused on product experience. I’m located in lovely Colorado, USA.

Previously I was a Senior Software Engineer at Netlify, where I developed features in the core UI and eventually moved over to the Growth team - focused on running controlled experiments that helped to move the needle.

Prior to Fastly & Netlify, I started and maintained the Bonsai Design System at Cognizant’s Accelerator. While at Cognizant, I also spent a year as a Product Designer - conducting user research, competitive analysis, running inceptions, and building functional prototypes. It was a fun year! Before that I worked at Aljex Software, rebuilding an accounting application in Ruby on Rails with a small & fun team in Boulder, CO.

Before tech, I was a musician (well, I still am - just not full-time). In 2014, along with other musicians graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, I started a professional brass ensemble (that’s still running!) in Pittsburgh, PA called The Brass Roots. Beyond The Brass Roots, I have also performed with the Denver Brass, numerous orchestras, wind ensembles, and brass quintets, and have performed in venues ranging from Carnegie Hall, to Stefaniensaal, Arrowhead Stadium, and even a raft in Lake Michigan.