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2023 Default Apps

Saw Chris Coyier’s post and definitely wanted to weigh-in with my own. I’ve always loved seeing what tools other folks use, I usually find a couple of new ones that stick with me 😊

📨 Mail Client: Apple Mail

📮 Mail Server: iCloud mail with custom domain, GMail, Protonmail

📝 Notes: Bear, Obsidian

✅ To-Do: Bear, Things

📷 Photo Shooting: iPhone 15 Pro

🎨 Photo Editing: Apple Photos, Halide Mark II

📆 Calendar: GCal, iCal

📁 Cloud File Storage: Google Drive, iCloud

📖 RSS: Feedbin

🙍🏻‍♂️ Contacts: iCloud

🌐 Browser: Arc, Brave, Firefox

💬 Chat: Signal, Telegram, iMessage

🔖 Bookmarks: Brave, Firefox

📑 Read It Later: Pocket

📜 Word Processing: Google Docs, Pages

📈 Spreadsheets: Google Sheets, Numbers

📊 Presentations: Google Slides, Keynote

🛒 Shopping Lists: Apple Notes (shared with partner)

🍴 Meal Planning: Apple Notes

💰 Budgeting and Personal Finance: Every Dollar, Google Sheets

📰 News: NY Times, Apple News+

🎵 Music: Apple Music, Qobuz

🎤 Podcasts: Overcast

🔐 Password Management: 1Password

🧑‍💻 Code Editor: VSCode

✈️ VPN: Proton VPN